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7 Pre-Winter Tips for Your Home

Follow these tips to keep your home functioning safely and efficiently:   1. LOWER THE TEMP, LOWER YOUR BILL Set the thermostat at 68 degrees or below to save energy and money. Installing a programmable thermostat can also help regulate your usage. Now is the perfect...

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Homeclub Pros Turkey Giveaway!

Homeclub Pros won’t have to worry about buying their turkeys for the Thanksgiving holiday season. This year, each Pro received a turkey from Homeclub as an appreciation gift. “Our Handy pros work hard to make a difference for our members and to each other,” says a...

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GIVEAWAY: WIN Tickets to Gwinnett County Fairgrounds

Today is opening day at the 11 day Gwinnett County Fair and Homeclub is giving away up to 50 tickets this year. Contact our office to claim your tickets. Come have fun with your family and friends. Be sure to stop by our Booth and visit us!  Don't miss out!...

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A Home Repair Checklist Can Save You Lots of Money

A home repair checklist is something to help you recall the items that you need to do to maintain your home. The list will ensure you extend the life span of your home functions, like your roof and exterior trim. The checklist will also help you lower your utility...

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Top Home Improvement Trends This Year

According to Pliny the Elder “Home is where the heart is!”. This saying is true for all time and for all human beings. It is the place where we feel secure and comfortable. It is made of walls and dreams and it is built with love and dreams. This is the...

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What You Need To Know About Using Homeclub

With Homeclub, it’s now possible to maintain your home for just pennies a day. Once you join Homeclub, you can forget about tracking down handymen to complete specific projects around the home. You can also stop worrying about how much a simple home...

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