The start of the New Year is a good time to start thinking about your upcoming spring cleaning needs. At the very least, you’ll want to start creating a checklist of all the jobs that need to be completed in March, and then put this checklist in a very visible place where your kids and other family members can add their ideas as well.

The following are some of the most popular spring cleaning tasks where you’ll probably need to hire a handyman. To make your life easier, we’ve ranked them in order of popularity:


#1: Home repair

By hiring a handyman, you can take care of minor home repairs very quickly and efficiently. These might include everything from things that are broken (e.g. appliances) to things that just don’t quite work the way they should (e.g. window air conditioning units).


#2: Maid services

If you’re like most people, it’s simply too exhausting and too time-consuming to clean an entire house by yourself. Over the winter, your house may have gone from a perfectly organized paragon of clean into something much different. By hiring a janitorial or maid service, you can literally have your whole home looking brand new in just a single weekend.


#3: Lawn maintenance

When people think of lawn maintenance, they typically think of very expensive services that will come out to your property on a weekly basis. But a handyman can actually take care of the basics of lawn maintenance for you – and, at the very least, spend an afternoon cleaning up the backyard and making it a place you might actually want to host a springtime event.


#4: Painting projects

There’s no room that doesn’t look better after it’s been repainted. Even if you’re just adding a fresh coat of white paint to your walls, you’ll be surprised at how the whole room seems to come alive when the walls are freshly painted. While repainting your entire home might require a contractor and a full team, when it comes to painting a single room of your home, it’s best to hire a handyman.


#5: Property maintenance

There’s a lot that goes into maintaining your property beyond just giving every room of your home a once-over. A handyman can help to haul away unwanted trash or debris, make sure all the lights are working on the outside of your home, or help to clean out your garage. There’s literally no job too small or too big that a handyman can’t help you complete in time for spring.

The key to getting all of these projects completed in time is being realistic about how long each of these projects will take. Since you are paying your handyman on an hourly basis, you will want to come up with a ballpark estimate of how many total hours these projects will take, and then calculate the approximate overall cost. That will help you to keep to your budget, as well as help you plan out your schedule for the first weeks of Spring.

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