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At Homeclub, we specialize in making home maintenance easy. As a matter of fact, that happens to be our slogan. So it only makes sense that we create the same easy and affordable service for your lawn as we’ve created for your home. We developed our lawn maintenance system around our bi-monthly service. A lawn Pro comes out 2 times each month to mow, weed eat, edge, trim and blow; and in the winter months, we add pruning, leaf removal and gutter cleaning** to keep your property looking great year round.

Our lawn maintenance typically begins the first week you join and continues for as long as you need service. With our bi-monthly program, members can expect their lawns to be mowed and trimmed on the same day each visit. Our lawn Pros have the same routes each week, so they get to know your property and are able to maintain it the way you want.

We also offer weekly service for those members that want the best looking lawn all season long. Other landscape services may also be available at your neighborhood club. Ask your club manger for more details about this and other services.



Weed Eating




Leaf Removal*

(winter maintenance)


(winter maintenance)

Gutter Cleaning**

(winter maintenance)

*Hauling & Dump Fees For Branches And Leaves Are Not Included In The Lawn Service Price. **Must Have Promotional Coupon To Receive This Offer. Visit Our Terms Page For More Information And Full Details On Our Promotions  

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