Homeclub does more than just save you money on your home maintenance repairs – it also helps you unlock unbelievable savings on travel and real estate. You can literally save thousands of dollars on resort-style vacations and real estate commissions when you are a Homeclub member.


Travel Perks

Being a Homeclub member means that it is possible to enjoy resort-style vacations all over the world for an incredibly low price. Right now, Homeclub has access to an inventory of over 100,000 vacation rentals and resort properties in the U.S., Canada, Europe, the Caribbean, and Mexico. These include vacation properties at sunny beach destinations as well as tranquil mountain getaways. Right now, it is possible to book a 7-night stay at any of these properties from just $199.

You can immediately see why these Travel Perks from Homeclub are so valuable. You are paying less than $30 per night to experience an unbelievable vacation at a beach resort, mountain getaway or historic destination. Moreover, there is absolutely no restriction on how often you can take advantage of these Travel Perks. Thus, you could book a 7-night vacation in the beginning of the year, and then book another 7-night vacation at the end of the year.

Of course, you are responsible for paying your own airfare to these one-of-a-kind destinations, but with all the money that you are saving with Homeclub on your home maintenance, you might just find that planning these vacations is more affordable than ever.


Real estate commission discounts

Just as valuable for Homeclub members are the potential real estate commission discounts that are available if you are thinking about buying or selling a home. By partnering with an affiliated real estate broker, Homeclub is able to offer a 0.5% discount if you are buying or selling a home. Those savings increase to 1% if a Homeclub-affiliated broker handles both sides of the transaction.

Again, it’s easy to see why this unique member perk is so valuable. If you are selling your home, then a 0.5% savings on the real estate commission can easily translate into thousands of dollars in savings. With all those additional savings, you’ll be able to furnish your new home however you’d like!


Best of all, you can now share these cost savings with other family members and friends who you have officially authorized to use your Homeclub account number. For example, let’s say that you are planning a wedding anniversary celebration for older family members. Why not give them the gift of a lifetime by letting them take a 7-day romantic vacation to the destination of their choice?

Homeclub is all about making home maintenance easy. And it’s also all about making home ownership as rewarding as possible. Instead of spending all your time and energy making repairs, tracking down contractors, and vetting handymen, why not let Homeclub handle it all for you? Once you’ve signed up as a Homeclub member, you will also have access to our amazing Travel Perks and Real Estate Commission Discounts. Live the life you’ve always dreamed of!

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