Are you facing foreclosure?

We understand that things don’t always go the way they should, and situations change all the time. These realities of life can put you in a financial bind that you just cannot get out of. But we can help!

Our Partner For Repairs program can stop the forced sale and the imminent credit damage caused by a foreclosure.  Our process is very simple, and will put an immediate stop to the foreclosure process.

To qualify, the following criteria must be met:
1. Your home must not be under water (must have equity).
2. You must be willing to move out of the home.
3. You must be able to continue paying the mortgage.*
4. You must provide us with ALL mortgage information.
5. You must agree to full reimbursement and profit split once the home is updated and sold.

This is not a purchase offer for your home. Our program is designed to stop foreclosure and allow you to sell your home or downsize to a more affordable home without the risk of destroying your credit.

We will put up ALL the money to pay for labor and materials, and manage the contractors that will be working to update the home before we put it on the market for sale.

If you are ready to save your home from foreclosure, save your credit and receive money from the sale of your home, then contact us today!

*We have options available for those that cannot afford to pay the mortgage until the home sells.

**Real estate agents are welcomed. Bring your hard to sell deals or your clients that are facing foreclosure. We pay 2% commission if a deal is struck between us and your client. No marketing or listing fees needed.

Want to sell your home but don’t have the funds to fix it up?

Partner with Homeclub, and we will pay for all the upgrades and repairs needed to get a higher value and sales price for your home.

Most buyers don’t have the money to fix up a home they just purchased. They want a beautiful move-in ready home. If you don’t want those buyers to pass on your home, then let us help you with those upgrades and repairs today!

This service is only available to Homeclub members. A free All-Access Pass subscription will be provided to your family and friends that partner with us to sell their home.

Contact us for more details about our “Partner for Repairs” program.

Note: This is not a loan, and there are no fees or hidden cost for you to pay. Contact us for a free, no-obligation assessment of your property today!

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