Earn Extra Cash For Your Home Repairs!

Now that you’ve experienced a better way to maintain your home, we invite you to recommend Homeclub to everyone you think can benefit from our member savings.


Here’s how it works:
1. Refer your family, friends, neighbors or colleagues to join Homeclub.

2. Once they join, we will send you a voucher for $25 that you can use towards your home maintenance or repairs.

3. As an extra bonus, you will also receive a promo code to give to your referral so they can save $5 when they sign up.


Now, they will also enjoy all the benefits of membership and get $25 for every new member they refer!

Once your referral joins the club, you will receive a $25 voucher via email to use anytime you want.

A promo code for your referral to save $5 off our subscription fee will be displayed to you once you submit this form.

9 + 10 =

You will earn $25 for every referral that joins the club. There is no limit to the number of referral dollars you can earn. You will receive your referral dollars in the form of a voucher that can only be redeemed by calling your local club during normal operating hours. You may use your referral dollars towards any handyman, maid or hvac work performed at your home. You may group multiple vouchers and redeem them together for a bigger savings off your booking.

Your voucher will be sent to you via email within 72 hours after your referral has joined the club. Vouchers are not allowed to be used by anyone other than the referring member. Vouchers will never expire, but you must be an active member to redeem a voucher(s).

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