Systems & Security Breakdowns


At Homeclub, we know that your systems or security can breakdown at any time. If the toilet’s clogged, your door lock stops working, or you need your dryer vent cleaned, you’ll want a professional to pay a visit right away.  With a subscription plan from Homeclub, you can have a qualified handy PRO at your door any time of the day, any day of the year. You’ll receive 4 (four) 1-hour service visits each year for as long as you keep your subscription active. All labor is included, you just pay for any materials needed to complete the repair. Last year, we attended thousands of home repairs and over 60% of them were for a systems or security breakdown. Once you’ve used your included service visits, you can simply book and pay for additional time or services for only $25 per hour.

These are the services that are included:*


  • Home assessment (evaluate your home for repair or maintenance issues)


  • Circuit breaker replacement (no power or power keeps tripping)
  • Electrical outlet or light switch replacement (outlet or switch not working – not due to damaged wiring)
  • Light bulb replacement (hard to reach fixtures – room or area is dark and unsafe)
  • Light fixture replacement (fixture not working – not due to damaged wiring)

Health & Safety

  • Door lock replacement (main entry doors only – damage caused by forced entry or broken key stuck inside)
  • Window hardware  replacement (missing or damaged latch)
  • Smoke or carbon monoxide detector  installation or battery replacement (safety hazard if not existing or maintained)
  • A/C filter replacement (hard to reach filter or unsure of where filter is located)
  • Dryer vent cleaning (a vent filled with lint can cause fire if not regularly cleaned)


  • Basic clogged drain clearing (toilet, sink, tub drain – no power snaking!)
  • Burst water pipe or joint repair (must be easily accessible)
  • Faucet repair (kitchen or bathroom – replace washer, gasket or handle to stop running water)
  • Re-light water heater pilot (no hot water)
  • Garbage disposal repair (no power or is seized up)
  • Toilet repair (fill valve, gasket or handle to stop running water)
  • Water supply line replacement (kitchen or bathroom – replace water line to stop leak)

*We frequently add services to accommodate our members. The ladder our Service Pros carry will not allow them to go higher than 20 feet in the air.

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